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Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are self-conscious about imperfections affecting your teeth or gums, you may be looking for ways to enhance your smile.

Dr. Greg Bauer can provide all types of cosmetic dentistry procedures to boost your confidence and create the smile of your dreams.

Why should I choose Bear Creek Family Dental in Lakewood, CO, for my cosmetic dental treatment? 

Simple Cosmetic Dentistry for a More Radiant Smile 3 Reasons Patients Choose Dr. Bauer

Enhance Your Smile's Aesthetics

With even a single cosmetic treatment, Dr. Bauer can provide a smile that lights up your entire appearance. Addressing some of these concerns, like crooked teeth, can also improve your oral health.

Visualize Your Results

We want you to feel confident in the type of dentistry you choose, so we can provide you with a preview of your results before you commit to a particular procedure.

Choose from Many Options

We offer a variety of dentistry treatments at our Lakewood practice that can address practically any concern. With our wide range of options, we can find a solution that fits your schedule, lifestyle, and budget

How Patients Describe Their Experience... "The Staff Is Exceptional"


Vicki Groninga


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Dr. Bauer and his staff are amazing!! Dr. Bauer is caring, compassionate and a wonderful dentist. He takes the time to explain everything he is doing and is really gentle...I have never really been fond of dentists but my experience with this practice has changed my outlook, The staff here is the best! I highly recommend this practice to anyone searching for a dentist

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J Price


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I have never found a dentistry more capable, friendly, and personable. The staff is exceptional, outshined only by Dr. Bauer himself, who offers a gentle approach to whatever task at hand --- whether just routine exam, or replacing a filling or crown. Fantastic -- I have found my "forever home" with this practice, strongly recommended!

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So how can our Lakewood dentist help you?

  • Failing or discolored restorations
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Gummy smiles
  • Missing teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Unattractive metal fillings
  • Worn or damaged teeth
  • Disproportionately sized teeth

Need to feel your best for a big event that's coming up soon?

Whitening Offers Quick and Stunning Results

Before and after whitening
Yellow, stained tooth enamel can make your smile appear unhealthy. Whitening is a fast and affordable solution to one of the most common dental concerns. 

Professional Dental Care
Is Simply More Effective

Many patients come to our Lakewood office because they are tired of feeling embarrassed about their smiles. Addressing aesthetic concerns is an important aspect of your dental care and it is best handled by a professional cosmetic dentist.

Dr. Bauer uses the latest tools and techniques in the field to provide safe, effective treatment and transformative results. You too can take pride in your smile by scheduling an appointment with Bear Creek Family Dental today. Send us a message online, or call our office at:

(303) 988-6767

We Work with a Trusted Laboratory for Consistently Beautiful Results

Bear Creek Family Dental has partnered with a boutique dental lab for years to craft all of our custom restorations. Using the finest materials and latest dental technology, each restoration is precisely fabricated based on your specifications. The effects look virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Patients in the greater Lakewood, CO, region consistently return to us for everything from veneers to restorations supported by dental implants for our impeccable craftsmanship and long-lasting results. 

Veneer shade guide next to woman's smile
The key to our transformative results lies in our beautiful restorations.

"Dr. Bauer continues to impress me." More 5-Star Reviews


Mike Stapp


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Bear Creek Family Dentists exemplifies how a dental center should operate. It starts with the front office that are the friendliest, most professional and accomadating you will find. Then the gentile care, knowledge and outstanding results of the hygienists and Dr. Bauer continue to impress me. I've been a client of theirs for decades and highly recommend them. Mike

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Roger Hardy


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We have been patients of this office for over 30 years and they have always been prompt, caring and total professionals. I have never known them to 'oversell' high priced services and always provide treatment options in all price ranges and give the advantages and disadvantages of each. If you need outstanding dentistry, you can't do better than BCFD.

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See What Cosmetic Treatment Can Achieve

Before and after smile makeover
A combination of whitening and veneers drastically improved this woman's smile while still looking authentic.

Learn More about Your Treatment Options

From simple same-day procedures like teeth whitening to more involved options like dental implants, we will walk you through all of our available services. Popular cosmetic dentistry treatments include:


Veneers are a highly versatile procedure that can help you correct dental chips, cracks, discoloration, misalignment, and more. They consist of thin porcelain shells bonded to the front surface of the tooth. Our dentist will create a custom treatment plan and design your restorations to match seamlessly with the color and shape of your natural teeth. Unlike some procedures, veneer treatment is very fast, requiring as few as two visits to our Lakewood office. Veneers are incredibly durable and stain-resistant. With proper dental care, they should look stunning for a decade or longer. 

Learn More

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most affordable cosmetic procedures available at our Lakewood practice. Bear Creek Family Dental offers both take-home and in-office whitening treatments, allowing you to select the option that works best for your lifestyle and goals. Our dentist utilizes the Ultradent Opalescence Boost™ whitening system that is safe and comfortable even for patients with sensitive teeth. Dr. Bauer can brighten your teeth several shades in an hour-long appointment or provide custom-made whitening trays for you to wear at home at your convenience.  

Learn More

Gum Contouring

A low or uneven gum line can make your teeth look unhealthy and asymmetrical. Fortunately, we can remove excess tissue and straighten the gum line with laser contouring. Bear Creek Family Dental uses the highly precise Epic Pro™ diode laser from BIOLASE®, making the procedure faster, safer, and more comfortable than ever before. By sealing and sterilizing the gum tissue as it works, patients experience minimal pain and side effects. Ask our cosmetic dentist if gum contouring is right for you during your next appointment.

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Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a great option for correcting minor aesthetic flaws. Our dentist applies a composite resin to the surface of one or more teeth and carefully sculpts the material to match the shape and size of your teeth. While it is not as long-lasting as other treatments like veneers, dental bonding doesn't require any permanent alternations to your natural tooth and can be a good way to test out if you want veneers in the future. Bonding is highly affordable and can enhance everything from small chips and cracks and to gaps between your teeth.

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​Tooth-Colored Fillings

In the past, dental fillings were made from an assortment of metals, and stood out from the color of your tooth enamel. With advances in modern dentistry, we can repair a cavity or replace an outdated metal filling with a natural-looking composite resin filling. If you currently have a cavity, don't delay treatment. A small amount of decay can develop into a significant problem that will require more expensive and invasive treatment. In a single appointment, our dentist can repair your tooth with a virtually undetectable filling and restore your dental function.

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Smile Makeover

Oftentimes, patients cannot pinpoint a single procedure to address all of their dental concerns. Bear Creek Family Dental offers custom smile makeovers that combine two or more procedures into one streamlined treatment. Using techniques found in both cosmetic and restorative dentistry, a smile makeover provides comprehensive aesthetic and functional enhancement. There are several advantages to choosing a smile makeover. Combining procedures saves you time, is less expensive than having the treatments done separately, and gives you dramatic results much sooner.

Learn More about Smile Makeovers

Dental Crowns

Some procedures, like dental crowns, are integral to maintaining your oral health as well as the aesthetics of your teeth. Crowns can cover up a number of cosmetic imperfections, like cracks, chips, and discoloration while supporting the structure of a weakened tooth. Unlike porcelain veneers, a crown caps the entire outer layer of tooth enamel instead of just the front surface and is a better option for patients who have sustained tooth decay or need a root canal. Our dentist custom designs each dental crown to fit snugly around the tooth, protecting the structure for a decade or longer.  

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Inlays and Onlays

Sometimes a dental filling is not enough to correct a large cavity, while crown treatment is too extensive. In these situations, inlays and onlays are a great conservative solution that requires minimal changes to the natural tooth structure. Inlays and onlays are custom-designed restorations that are placed on the biting surface of a molar and within the space left by a cavity. The restorations are crafted at our boutique dental lab from enamel-colored resin or porcelain ceramic. The final results blend in seamlessly with your enamel and can strengthen your tooth for years to come. 

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Dr. Gregory Bauer

Dr. Bauer of Bear Creek Family Dental is committed to providing every patient with a positive dental experience. We use the latest tools and techniques at our office to preserve and promote your oral health. Dr. Bauer is proud to be affiliated with:

  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry

For more information about our services, contact our practice online or call (303) 988-6767 today.

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