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Dental Bridges

Are you ready for a natural-looking solution to fill the gaps left in your smile by missing teeth? A dental bridge can do that.

But first, you’ll want to pick a Lakewood, CO, dentist who can provide you with a dental bridge that is an excellent match for your needs.

Learn how Dr. Gregory Bauer of Bear Creek Family Dental in Lakewood, CO, can provide you with the best dental bridge to restore your smile.

A Dental Bridge Can Transform Your Smile

Before dental bridge procedure
After dental bridge procedure
The difference in this patient's smile after placement of a customized bridge is truly amazing. Their smile became complete and functioned properly thanks to this transformative dental appliance. Every case is different, but a customized, natural-looking dental bridge designed and placed by Dr. Bauer can give you outstanding results whether you are missing one tooth or several consecutive teeth.

Complete Your Smile to Look, Feel, and Live Better Talk to Dr. Bauer About Customized Dental Bridges

  • Consider this question: Are you are tired of hiding your smile due to visible gaps or avoiding the foods you love because of issues caused by missing teeth? If you said, "yes" it is time to contact Dr. Bauer to find out about how a dental bridge can replace missing teeth and improve your quality of life.
  • Dr. Bauer will use the latest digital technology to design a customized dental bridge that looks, feels, and functions as close to natural teeth as possible. Requesting a consultation with our friendly, skilled dentist is the best way to discuss smile goals, dental bridge choices, and procedure costs. Simply use our online form or give us a call. Life is worth smiling about. Let's bring your smile back to life.

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Our Superior Dental Care Is Rewarded with 5-Star Reviews "Best Dentist Ever!"


Vicki Groninga


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Dr. Bauer and his staff are amazing!! Dr. Bauer is caring, compassionate and a wonderful dentist. He takes the time to explain everything he is doing and is really gentle...I have never really been fond of dentists but my experience with this practice has changed my outlook, The staff here is the best! I highly recommend this practice to anyone searching for a dentist

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Is it crazy to say that I actually look forward to going to the dentist!?? I have been going to Dr. Bauer for years (both the old one and the new one) and they do the best dental work around! The whole staff is friendly and courteous and they truly make me love my teeth!! Best dentist ever!

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Types of Dental Bridges

Dr. Bauer will thoroughly discuss which kind of dental bridge can best give you a beautiful smile during your consultation. He will also go over the unique advantages and disadvantages of both traditional and implant-supported dental bridges:
Traditional Bridge

Traditional Bridge

Traditional bridges are a quick way to replace one tooth or several in a row. The bridge itself consists of two crowns with pontics in between. Pontics are lifelike artificial teeth. Dr. Bauer will attach customized crowns to the natural teeth, also called abutment teeth, at either end of the gap in your smile. The pontics fill the empty space between the abutment teeth. Traditional bridges are reliable, but there are disadvantages. An important one is that Dr. Bauer will need to alter healthy teeth in order to place crowns on them.

Illustration of Maryland Bridge

Maryland Bridge

This traditional bridge also uses pontics to replace missing teeth. However, a metal frame is used to bond the bridge to abutment teeth with dental cement, meaning there is no need to alter healthy teeth to prepare them for crowns. A drawback is the metal framework may be visible, making your natural teeth look dark.

Illustration of Cantilever Bridge

Cantilever Bridge

This bridge is normally used where healthy abutment teeth are located only on one side of the smile gap. These bridges are not used very often and are mostly recommended for front teeth replacement, not the back. However, since the bridge is only supported on one side, bite pressure damage can occur to those abutment teeth.

Why Dr. Bauer May Suggest an Implant-Supported Bridge

Dental implants are prosthetic tooth roots that can support bridges and other types of tooth replacement solutions. 

Strong Support

Dental implants are strong enough to support large restorations, including full arches of dentures, so they are well suited for supporting a long row of pontic replacement teeth in a dental bridge.

Long-Lasting Investment

Implant-supported bridges requires surgery, but they are a much more beneficial, long-lasting oral health investment than a traditional bridge, a Maryland bridge, or a cantilever bridge.

How a Traditional Bridge Is Placed

A traditional dental bridge is anchored using dental crowns that are attached to the top of the teeth on either side of the gap in your smile.

Do You Need a Fast, Affordable Option? Traditional Bridge Treatment

A traditional bridge can typically be completed in two visits to our Lakewood office.

During the first appointment, Dr. Bauer will numb the treatment area and then expertly shape the two abutment teeth that will hold the crowns. He will then make a precise impression of the area that will be used as a guide for creating the dental bridge. You will be fitted with a temporary bridge to wear until your permanent bridge is ready.

The impression for your dental bridge will be sent to our partner dental lab. There, a skilled dental ceramist will create the permanent bridge, matching it to the color selections Dr. Bauer provides.

At your second appointment, Dr. Bauer will inspect the bridge to ensure it meets his quality standards. Next, he will remove your temporary bridge so that he can test that the permanent one is a comfortable fit. Once you and the dentist are satisfied, Dr. Bauer will cement the crowns in place on the adjacent teeth

Thanks to Our Smiling Patients for These Amazing Reviews




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I have been a patient at Bear Creek Dental for over 10 years. The hygienists are top notch. And Dr. Bauer has never done wrong by me. This is a very friendly, comfortable, and highly competent dental office. Thank you Bear Creek.

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Dennis Zanto


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We have been going Bear Creek Dental for about 35 years long before Greg Bauer took over for his uncle. Service has not changed in the entire time. The Dr and hygienists all very caring, honest and easy to talk to. Don’t change.

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Implant-Supported Bridge Treatment

Dr. Bauer will refer you to a trusted oral surgeon so that your dental implant surgeries will be as precise, efficient, and comfortable as possible. After you have completely healed from the procedure, you will return to Dr. Bauer's office to have your lifelike, fully functional dental bridge attached to the implants. Some patients may require preparatory procedures such as bone grafts or gum disease treatment before surgery. Once your candidacy for implants has been approved, your treatment should look similar to this:

During your first appointment, the treatment area will be numbed for your comfort. Sedation may also be available. The surgeon will make small incisions in the gums through which the implants will be inserted into the jaw. 

The next step is to wait for three to six months so that bone can naturally grow around the implants, fusing them in place.

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After the dental implants are secured by new jawbone growth, your surgeon will open the gums over the implants so small connectors called abutments can be attached to the implants. 

Once your gums have healed around the abutments, an impression of the area will be created to guide the design of your custom dental bridge. Our partner lab will fabricate your bridge to Dr. Bauer's exacting specifications.

After a healing period of a few weeks, Dr. Bauer will place your customized dental bridge at his office and ensure that it fits comfortably. Then he will permanently attach it to your implants. Now you can show off your newly restored smile to Lakewood and the world.

What Dental Implant Placement Looks Like

Although the procedure may look uncomfortable, the oral surgeon that Dr. Bauer recommends will use local anesthetic, and if needed, gentle, safe sedation, to make your procedure virtually painless.

Continuing a Family Tradition of Providing Superior Dental Care

  • Dr. Bauer and the Bear Creek Family Dental team in Lakewood are focused on creating beautiful smiles and improving oral health and function.
  • Whether he is treating decay, attaching restorations such as dental bridges, crowns, or dentures to implants, or conducting a state-of-the-art exam, Dr. Bauer has earned a reputation for putting patients at ease and giving them the information they need to make the right choice for their situation. 
  • In practice since 2012, Dr. Bauer is continuing the family tradition of providing superior, compassionate dental care to Lakewood-area patients that was started by his uncle, Dr. Gerald Bauer. Join our family of happy, smiling patients by using our online form to request a consultation. You can also just give us a call anytime.
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More High Praise for Dr. Bauer's Dental Services


Mike Stapp


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Bear Creek Family Dentists exemplifies how a dental center should operate. It starts with the front office that are the friendliest, most professional and accomadating you will find. Then the gentile care, knowledge and outstanding results of the hygienists and Dr. Bauer continue to impress me. I've been a client of theirs for decades and highly recommend them. Mike

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Maura Gramzinski


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Dr. Baur was my dentist for nearly 20 years when he retired. I was so worried the new dentist, his nephew, Dr. Baur, wouldn't be nearly as great as the original Dr. Baur. But he is. He is awesome. For someone who is inherently nervous about dental work, he is kind, gentle and understanding. Also, talented. Trust this office. Good people, doing good work.

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Dr. Gregory Bauer

Dr. Bauer of Bear Creek Family Dental is committed to providing every patient with a positive dental experience. We use the latest tools and techniques at our office to preserve and promote your oral health. Dr. Bauer is proud to be affiliated with:

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